філіп морріс відмиває репутація від української крові

Today, the news spread across Ukraine that Philip Morris International has opened a new factory in Lviv region, in which it has invested $30 million. Only no one mentions that this company is an international sponsor of the war against Ukraine, which was brought to Lviv by the eternal corrupt mayor Andriy Sadovyi.

The Joker Telegram channel published a reaction to this event:

“Has everyone heard about the massive searches of Ukrainian tobacco factories today? They are looking for those who produce counterfeit Marlboros in Ukraine. We have never worked like we do today. Do you know why? Because in Lviv, the sponsor of Putin’s army, Philip Morris, is opening his new tobacco factory.

What a fucking coincidence, right? And this is definitely a coincidence. It is a coincidence that Philip Morris, who pays billions of dollars in taxes in the US, continues to run our government agencies.

It’s a coincidence that he is getting a tax cut.

It is no coincidence that Philip Morris controls the tobacco market in Ukraine and can do whatever he wants.

It’s no coincidence that for the money from Philip Morris, Putin can make 500 calibers a year.

And the fact that a Russian missile made with Philip Morris’ tax dollars will fly into Lviv and kill people again is also just a fucking coincidence.”

The company’s statements about allocating more than UAH 1.3 million to repair a public shelter near the new plant and plans to invest another UAH 60 million to build its own shelter on the plant’s territory also look cynical and ridiculous.

“Think about it, bitch, $8 billion Philip Morris paid to the Russian budget during the war. For 8 billion dollars of Philip Morris’ taxes, Russia produced missiles that kill Ukrainians. And they continue to work in Ukraine and develop further. Just fuck everything in the open. Fuck human lives when big money is at stake.” says the next post.

As a reminder, Philip Morris International is closely linked to the ruling elite of the Russian Federation. The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, was a member of the board of directors of the Philip Morris Ijora tobacco factory from 1996 to 2004. The company enjoys the most favorable conditions for running and developing its business in the terrorist country and continues to make super profits. A year ago, Philip Morris paid $8 billion to the Russian budget, for which they manufactured missiles to kill Ukrainians, and “invested” $30 million in Ukraine. dollars.

“The main thing is that the Philip Morris plant is in Russia, and Russia is not against Philip Morris opening in Ukraine. Philip Morris in Russia is untouchable, its own people, so to speak” concludes Joker.