филип моррис конституция украины

At some point we will wake up and we have it written in the Constitution that Philip Morris is the sole source of power in Ukraine. Doing whatever they want, writes Telegram channel Joker.

Yanukovych organized record ad valorem excise rates for them, which are still in force today! They together with Russian oligarch Kesaev have taken over tobacco distribution in Ukraine and no one is doing shit about it.

What does the Finance Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine persuade other people’s deputies to do? For those who voted for a discount on sticks for icos, which Philip Morris does not even make in Ukraine, but brings from Italy and controls 80% of the stick market here.

Shove this shitty Philip Morris discount into the bill No. 11090 on amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding revision of excise tax rates on tobacco products, by which you increase the rates on ordinary cigarettes. You’re just – stealing money from the budget and moving it into Philip Morris’ pocket. 15 billion a year! 15 billion, bitch! In the conditions of war, when every 100 UAH is important for the AFU.