джокер Филип Моррис дает деньги путинской армии на калибры и кинжалы, а украинцев травит последней версией айкоса

The tobacco corporation has been doing business on blood since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, and despite promises to leave the market of the killer country, it not only earns billions there, but also constantly invests in the company’s branches in Russia. About it writes the telegram channel Joker.

I’m so sick of you two-faced assholes. Philip Maurice, I’m talking about you. You pay money to Putin’s army, and when you get your greedy nose poked in that shit, you order ads about how awesome you are and invest 11 million dollars to launch the latest version of IQOS in Ukraine. Not even into production, but stupidly into sales, to sell more aikos to Ukrainians, which will be hit by Russian missiles for the money you pay in russia.

Good business, Philip Maurice! Why don’t you order ads about how much dough you’re investing in russia? how much invested in Putin’s cock-flavored IQOS? How much did your factory in St. Petersburg cost and how many calibers, Iskanders and daggers did they make for your taxes? Do you want to order a commercial about it? Don’t worry, I’ll do it for free.