филип моррис изжора завод

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of Western companies have announced their withdrawal from Russia and suspension of business.

According to the Financial Times, starting in 2022, approximately 1.6 thousand either left the market or shut down their operations in Russia. But more than 2.1 thousand. international companies, including the tobacco giant Philip Morris.

Philip Morris estimated its assets in Russia at $2.6 billion and decided not to leave the Russian market. In addition, he plans to expand his murderous business and build new factories in Russia, the Joker said in a telegram.

“Is it okay to fuck?

And these f*cks are quietly working in Ukraine.

The American tobacco company Philip Morris International (PMI) (Marlboro, L&M, IQOS, etc.) estimated its assets in Russia at $2.6 billion and decided not to leave the Russian market. This is evidenced by the financial statements. The company plans to build new plants in Russia.”

As a reminder, Philip Morris International not only earns billions from the deaths of Ukrainians, but also continues to sponsor the war of the terrorist country of Russia. With the money from Philip Morris International, Putin can produce up to 500 calibers a year.

In addition, the tobacco giant is destroying Ukrainian business. Thus, for more than 5 months now, the work of one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine, the Vynnyky Tobacco Factory, has been blocked in Lviv. Due to the blocking of the factory, the budget did not receive about UAH 2.5 billion, which could have been used to buy hundreds of thousands of FPV drones or other equipment needed by the Armed Forces.

The conclusions are disappointing: Philip Morris, the main sponsor of the war, which pays taxes in Russia for the production of missiles used to destroy Ukraine, gets the green light, and Ukrainian business is destroyed…