Tobacco war: Vynnyky factory is dying under the blows of the ESB, and the budget is losing billionsTobacco war: Vynnyky factory is dying under the blows of the ESB, and the budget is losing billions

One of the largest taxpayers to the state budget of Ukraine, Vynnyky Tobacco Factory, is being blocked in Lviv, the Joker Telegram channel reports.

In May, the plant paid UAH 480 million in taxes and various fees and payments to the budgets of different levels, while the plan was UAH 750 million, and in June it was planned to reach the amount of payments to the treasury of more than UAH 920 million, but in fact it is expected to be UAH 580 million.

The factory cannot operate and produce new products because of continuous searches by security forces. Today, the situation reached its climax when, in front of journalists, the ESB did not release a car with new products from the factory, which they did not even want to check for excise stamps and documents.

According to the lawyer Oleksiy Riznyk, a raider seizure is being carried out, and security forces are blocking the export of products that were legally manufactured by the company with all the necessary licenses.

“In Lviv, some kind of emergency is happening with the main sponsors of the war, Philip Morris, and the blocking of the work of the Vynnyky Tobacco Factory, which is one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine.

In simple words, they block the work of one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine in Lviv and give the green light to Philip Morris, practically the largest taxpayer in Russia.

I wonder how Kaufman is doing with the Russians?” – Joker writes about the situation on Telegram.

The factory has been subject to continuous searches for five months, and since September 2023, regular inspections have been carried out. The regulatory authorities did not find any violations.

BES representatives could not answer journalists’ questions about why the “search” has been going on for 35 days and the work of one of the largest taxpayers has been blocked for almost six months, and because of this, the budget has not received UAH 2.5 billion, which could have been used to buy hundreds of thousands of FPV drones or other equipment needed by the Armed Forces.

It is worth noting that without cameras, the security forces confirm that they have “orders from above.”

So it is not difficult to understand who benefits from this. After all, the international sponsor of the war, Philip Morris International, opened its new tobacco factory in Lviv, not anywhere else. It is Philip Morris International, which is a sponsor of Putin’s army. According to the Kyiv School of Economics, in 2022 alone, the money can buy 4,900 Kalibr missiles, 78 fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, or 1,089 T-90 tanks that kill Ukrainians and destroy our cities. And now, Ukrainian businesses are also contributing to the budget and helping the Armed Forces.

“During the war, Ukraine did not receive UAH 1 billion in a month because the BES blocked the work of the Vynnykyi Tobacco Factory.

Who gives a f*ck who pays 1 yard of taxes per month during the war to stop such businesses? Or will we need a month’s worth of nuclear fuel during the war?

We collect 100 hryvnias from all over Ukraine for banks, and then we stupidly blocked a business that pays only one billion in taxes per month for a month?

Are you normal at all?

What the f*ck is wrong with that?

Nobody is a saint, but there are no questions at all about the fucking Philip Morris, which is one of the main taxpayers in Russia, and a Ukrainian factory that pays 1 billion hryvnias in taxes per month is being fucked over?

Philip Morris pays taxes in Russia for the production of missiles that are used to destroy Ukraine, and there are no questions about it.

The Vynnyky Tobacco Factory pays 1 billion in taxes per month in Ukraine, to the budget of Ukraine, they are being f*cked, their work is stopped, and Ukraine does not receive 1 yard per month, is this normal at all?

And Philip Morris is doing fine in Russia and paying taxes there, no one is blocking them.” This is very accurate.