Кривава благодійність Philip Morris International

In an interview with investigative journalist Yevhen Plinsky, the executive director of the Life NGO said that according to an investigation published by The Telegraph, by the fall of 2022, that is, during the six months of Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine, tobacco companies had paid more than $7 billion to the Russian Federation’s treasury.

Despite the fact that the budget of the Russian army is 65-66 billion. dollars, i.e. more than 10% of the defense budget of the aggressor country was made up of money from tobacco companies such as Philip Morris International, JTI, etc. – Plinsky noted.

Tobacco companies’ money could have been used to manufacture missiles, ammunition, equipment, and kamikaze drones that attack Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. In addition to military targets, the Russian army is attacking Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and energy sector.

At the same time, Philip Morris International puts up “Fail-safe points” for three cents, demands to be called a responsible business, and demands preferences from Ukraine.

“In order to whitewash its reputation, Philip Morris International donated more than one billion dollars to various public organizations from 2014 to 2016. For example, the company helped elderly people, during the Covid they tried to buy lung ventilators and provide hospitals with good equipment. At the same time, Ukrainian legislation prohibits any sponsorship of government agencies or officials by tobacco companies, but the company circumvents the ban through NGOs, charitable foundations, and thus some of the leaders of such NGOs that received funding from Philip Morris International are now MPs. Today, the interests of Philip Morris International are being actively promoted in the Verkhovna Rada,” added Serhiy Mytkalyk, executive director of the Anti-Corruption Headquarters.

Кривава благодійність Philip Morris International

Тютюнова компанія Philip Morris International, яка є найбільшими міжнародними платниками податків до бюджету рф за три копійки ставить «Пункти незламності» та вимагає називати себе відповідальним бізнесом та преференцій з боку України.Philip Morris International забезпечує понад 10% військового бюджету країни-терориста.#PhilipMorrisInternational #PhilipMorris #філіпморрісУкраїна #pmi #jti #спонсорвійни

Опубліковано Гірка правда про Philip Morris Середа, 17 квітня 2024 р.

Philip Morris International is closely linked to the ruling elite of the Russian Federation. The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, was a member of the board of directors of the Philip Morris Ijora tobacco factory from 1996 to 2004. The company enjoys the most favorable conditions for running and developing its business in the terrorist country and continues to make super profits.

Philip Morris International’s market share in Russia was over 30% in 2019-2023. Philip Morris International is the largest international taxpayer in Russia: in 2022, PMI’s revenue in Russia amounted to $7.9 billion. and this company paid $4.9 billion. taxes to the Russian budget. These funds are used to maintain and finance the Russian army.

Other companies, such as JTI and British American Tobacco, despite their statements, remain in the Russian market and pay taxes to the Russian budget.