филип моррис интернэшнл спонсор войны

Philip Morris International has not left the Russian market for two years – despite promises. On the contrary, the company in Russia is only increasing its revenue (399.9 billion rubles in 2023), and thus taxes to the budget, from which the Russian army is financed, the Telegram channel “Украина сейчас” reports.

Philip Morris net profit in the first year of rf’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine rose to 48.2 bln rubles, up 45% from 2021. More than $136 million went to the budget of the aggressor state. Because of this, Philip Morris has long been labeled an international sponsor of war, which has only officially invested over $2 billion in russia and is not stopping.

While helping Putin to kill Ukrainians, Philip Morris feels completely free in Ukraine – the war sponsor continues to make money using its monopoly position.