філіп морріс україна айкос

The Cabinet of Ministers, on the initiative of the Ministry of Finance, submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law establishing a 20% tax discount for electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes). It seems that Philip Morris International had somehow “made up its mind” before that. After all, it is the company that controls 80% of the e-cigarette market in Ukraine, texty.org.ua reports.

The Center for Civic Representation “Life” drew attention to this, publishing a relevant analysis and statement.

It’s not a very smart move by the Ministry of Finance – we don’t have enough money in the budget, no one gives discounts to arms manufacturers, and Finance Minister Sergiy Marchenko decided to take care of the Icons sold by a company that is recognized by the NACP as an international war sponsor, which operates in Russia and pays taxes to Putin’s army.

Or maybe Minister Marchenko should also be reminded that Philip Morris International in Ukraine has a reduced ad valorem excise rate of 12% (50% in Europe!), which has deprived the country’s budget of almost UAH 200 billion over 10 years? The company is increasing its revenues in Russia, paying money for the murder of Ukrainians, and we are going to give it additional benefits?